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Next time you think of beautiful things, don't forget to count yourself in.

HK Beauté brings out the beauty in You

HK Beauté is a unique place where you can find and feel a holistic philosophy to the health and beauty. Taking care of our bodies should always be our number one priority. Having that in mind, we have prepared a remarkable offer of hair, nail, body and facial care treatments. Rejuvenate yourself with our Aroma therapy, regenerate facial skin with Acid peeling treatment or boost your self-healing process with detox foot bath or singing bowls. Because any excuse to spoil your skin should be grabbed with both hands.


Hani Kalantarov is founder of HK Beauté with experience starting from 1992 in the field of Cosmetology and Hairdressing. She flew around the world to improve her knowledge, visiting summits, conferences and seminars. She speaks Russian, German, English and Hebrew. There is individual approach to every client.

Hani is the fourth generation of beauty and healing professionals in the family. She always wanted to create place with approach to body science as an art. Once clients have a vision in their mind about what look they want to create, Hani use a variety of techniques to make it a reality.

With the desire to pass on her knowledge to new generations, Hani launched an educational center - Academy HK Beauté. After finishing you will be ready to work with clients to make changes and improvements to their hair, skin, and nails. Depending on individual interests course members may specialize in many different areas or they may choose to just focus on one. Beauty experts should also have excellent communication skills in order to fully understand their customers' needs and wants.

Beauty is treasure beyond price


We believe every service should start with grounding, intention and connection


Natural beauty in our world is coming alive.  It is up to us to educate and provide a safe place to relish and nourish it.


Natural cosmetics

Natural cosmetics - offers us a special opportunity to enjoy life in a harmonious way and at the same time to live the desire for comfort, both mentally and physically. It is real happiness - to stay in touch with the earth, to get to know it and to love more. Natural cosmetics from leading brands give each of us the opportunity to find our own way to true beauty.


Natural cosmetics - is not only cosmetics made from natural ingredients, but also sublime fashion lifestyle with an aristocratic and refined taste.

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Natur Kosmetik

HK Beauté Partners

We are proud to work with well known brands:



HK Beauté

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